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In-house Organizational Psychologists

Modifying any behavior, especially safety behavior, requires an understanding of the why behind behavior. We are deeply steeped in what works and very intimate with best practices for behavioral modification.

We lean into the geeky.

One-Offs to Full-Blown Campaigns

Need a quick e-learning module or a quick job aid?  Undertaking a major L&D project requiring workforce planning, project management, sourcing, staffing, policy creation, coaching support tools, and/or training?


End-to-End Project Management

We want to keep your learning curve nice and shallow (and keep the associated overhead low). From conceptualization to project delivery, we monitor project progress, and make recommendations for staying within budget, time, and scope.

We keep our eye on the ball.

Tested and Proven Methodology

We've consulted for most safety-sensitive industries and we've seen it all. Our tried-and-true process allows us to quickly dive deep and, with minimal instruction, quickly get up to speed to understand your environment and employees.

Our stuff works.


Employees Developed
Contracted Projects
Cross-industry, International Safety Awards

Qworky means uniquely

Burned by off-the-shelf?

We work closely with you to tailor each deliverable to your organization, employee needs, and equipment. Want to finish off that new e-learning with a branded LMS portal? Piece of cake.

Overwhelmed L&D staff?

You know you organization. We know L&D and safety. No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, we can step in to assist with any type of employee development deliverable. Big or small.

Boring content?

We don't do blah-blah-blah. To earn learners' attention, we bring every type of media to the table and design our experiences on how the brain wants to learn.

Regulatory Know-How

Tons of industrial experience along with strong industry and academic ties. We understand the regulations that govern safety-specific content. In other words, we get you.

Analysis Paralysis?

Sometimes another set of eyes is helpful. Especially if they belong to a data mega-dweeb with years of experience in data mining, root cause analysis, HFACs, reporting, etc.

5% to Charity

2.5% to a charity of your choice, 2.5% to ours. We're all in this together.

Fully Vetted Vendors

We've done the legwork. Our suppliers are pros at the top of their game.

Nothing Cookie-Cutter

In this business, creativity counts almost as much as technical prowess. We are highly creative individuals who genuinely love our jobs. It shows up in the deliverables.



Starting Out

Sectors/Industries: Healthcare, Public Safety, Engineering

Activities: Selection, Training, Assessment Validation, Litigation Support, Statistical Analysis

Sample Clients: Hixson Corporation, GOJO Industries




Spreading Out

Sectors/Industries: Healthcare, Transportation, Sales, Insurance

Activities: Same as above, added Performance Management

Sample Clients: Republic Services, SummaCare, Covanta, Veolia, GEO Group, Corporate College, Precision MetalForming Association




Serving Multinationals

Sectors/Industries: Healthcare, Transportation, Sales, Insurance

Activities: Same as above, began adding to the Safety research literature

Sample Clients: Republic Services, Timken, Eaton, Medstar, Baker Hughes




Becoming Safety Champions

Sectors/Industries: Healthcare, Transportation, Industrial

Activities: Same as above, continue to author safety best practices, serving on expert panels for transportation safety

Sample Clients: Republic Services, Together for Safer Roads, Energy Services, NASA




We love engaged clients! We're adept at every method for project discovery. So no matter how your organization prefers to work with vendors, we can accommodate.
Project management is key. We never leave you guessing about progress, milestones, or issues. And we're both ADDIE & Agile friendly.
We can deliver and deploy any type of employee development deliverable. Employee selection, onboarding, training, performance management & coaching. One-stop shopping.

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Walks on water.

- Lane McCallister

Director of Safety, Republic Services
Water into wine.

- Dave Braunstein

President, Together for Safety Roads
Wind beneath my wings.

- Pete Ulintz

President, PMA

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