Medium Budget.

$50k – $100k

Imagine leaving a monthly safety meeting where your employees are smiling, energized, and dedicated to making the safe choice. We can make that happen for you.

Medium Budget

Whats Included.

  • Employee Development Services
    • Custom training materials created just for your employees and their safety challenges.
  • These could include:
    • Need Analysis
    • Professionally produced and directed monthly video campaigns which feature your employees and their work environment
    • Targeted messaging that speaks to the hearts and minds of your employees and produces lasting behavior change
    • Companion materials to support each video including
      custom posters, guides, coaching cards and job aides
    • Program evaluation to ensure the program is working as intended
  • Performance Support Tools
    • If training isn’t the issue or if you need help strengthening your safety culture. We could provide a range of services to help.
  • These could include:
    • Developing a custom multi-media onboarding program for you including video-based deliverables and / or eLearning modules
    • Devising an employee selection system focused on hiring the safest employees including structured interviews, selection assessments and video based realistic job previews
    • Creating video basedLeader-Management Training to reinforce a sustainable safety culture
    • Leader – Management coaching
Bryan Fenster

I recommend Qworky to anyone who wants to improve their safety culture. They know how to change hearts and minds.

Bryan Fenster

Republic Services Safety Manager

Energy and Industrial

Energy & Industrial Services

Ready To Get Started?

We can help you breathe some life into your safety improvement
strategies. Get in touch and let’s talk about your options.

How We Do It.

What’s a safety campaign? It’s a targeted effort to change behavior and improve culture with consistent and effective messaging and learning opportunities.

Project Start.

We kick off with a meeting of the minds in the form of an interview, workshop, or even just a phone call to get a handle on your needs, scope, and your culture.


Data gathering to derive campaign goals, learning outcomes, performance measures and feedback mechanisms . At the end of this phase we will have an idea of all the deliverables that will be included in your campaign.


Creating a unique “brand” just for you including tailored logo, artwork, and messaging. During this phase we also nail down treatments and storyboards. At the end of this phase we will have agreement on what your campaign will look like.

Development Sprints.

Our developers will work with your SMEs to professionally produce, review, and refine your deliverables. Close, consistent, contact is key. This phase will end with your approval of deliverables that will exceed your expectations.


Depending on the type of media we use for your campaign, our project managers will help you rollout the deliverables and obtain feedback and analysis. At the end of this phase you will have outcome data on the effectiveness of the program.


We can help build on improvements by impacting other human capital areas affecting safety. Although our safety training is our core service, we can help with other functions that dramatically impact safety as well.


We are a team of safety culture strategists, instructional architects, developers, graphic designers, and videographers with a long history of getting safety results.



Impactful & custom-made for our clients’ employees, equipment, and work processes.