Energy Services.

Energy Services came to Qworky to create learning and development for new Operators in their Oilfield Treatment, Recovery, and Disposal divisions. Following a successful rollout, Qworky continued to work on new employee training for Oilfield Transportation Workers, Hydrovac Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators, and Confined Space Work.


Years, Qworky has worked closely with Energy Services


Complete new operator programs developed


Employees have completed the onboarding programs


Reduced turnover for new operator positions

Employees needed to get quickly up to speed but organizational safety managers wanted to make sure they fully understood the job and related hazards before they were allowed to work without supervision. We developed an entire curriculum for the role.

It included an eLearning safety orientation directly related to the exact hazard’s employees would face in their role. It also included video-based classroom instruction to orient new employees to the work environment and to provide a foundational knowledge of processes and work-related hazards. Classroom instruction was followed by intensive on-the-job training with a trained and qualified mentor.

To ensure these employees were up to the task of teaching others we created a selection protocol for selecting these individuals and a classroom-based training program to get them ready to be a mentor. To ensure transfer of training, we created a master learning plan that included both skill and knowledge-based assessments as well as job observations. This program reduces time to task at the same time as it ensures employees are ready to work
independently when they complete the curriculum.

It has been so successful, Qworky has used the same process to create similar onboarding processes for three other job roles. The complete system has also proven key to the organization’s ability to secure new contracts in this highly competitive and hazardous field.

energy services
Chris Hensen

Qworky can literally jump into any project and immediately start adding value. Even if it’s a new industry for them, they can be up to speed and delivering impactful training materials quickly. I’ve been working with them for over 10 years and continue to come to them for my training needs.

Chris Hensen

Energy Services

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