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Veolia, understanding the importance of selecting for safety needed expert help in creating and validating a selection system for the more dangerous positions in their work environment.

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Types of assessments were developed (mechanical and psychological)


Items included on the mechanical ability test


Maintenance employees participated in the validation study

Qworky’s performance analysts and statisticians conducted a detailed job analysis and developed a selection plan for new employees in the job categories of operators and maintenance.

The selection plan included realistic job previews. These video based programs allowed employees to see what a job at Veolia would be like on a day to day basis and for the individual to decide whether the opportunity would be a good fit and allow them the ability to self-select out of the application process.

At the center of the selection system were two custom and validated assessments. Specifically, Qworky statisticians constructed a tailored mechanical ability assessment as part of a broader selection system for Operators and Maintenance personnel at Covanta Energy. The mechanical ability assessment, the Skilled Labor Mechanical Reasoning Inventory, included multiple components (i.e. spatial orientation, relationship of physical forces, and mechanical elements). Tests were internally validated with existing employees. Second, a personality assessment, the Skilled Labor Inventory, was developed and validated for personnel.

The selection system also included structured interviews, and self-assessments of fit.


It is so refreshing to work with people who truly “get it”. It’s not often you find people who understand safety procedures and how to motivate people to actually follow them

Frank Dimicelli

Safety Training Specialist, Veolia Energy from Waste

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